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Protection From Accident
Holds shattered glass together
Hassle-free SmartTag Use
Will not block the transmission of wireless divices
Safer Driving
Reduces harsh glares from the sun and on coming automotive headlights
Avoid Overheating
Car’s interior becomes up to 60% cooler with the right tint option
Protecting Your Skin
Blocks 99%* of UV ray that causes skin cancer
Cost Saving & Environmentally Friendly
A cooler car or home interior reduces the load on your air conditioning system resulting in less fuel and energy consumption

Who We Are

About Us

Goldirex Tint, based in Subang Jaya Selangor. Goldirex Tint offers the complete package when it comes to window tinting! Our professional and efficient window tinting service is ideal for those who want to protect the interior of a vehicle or building from the harmful damage of the suns rays.

We only use top of the range films so you have peace of mind you’re getting the highest quality finish thats going to last. Over the years we have worked on a wide variety of vehicles, from brand new top of the range luxury cars, to cheap and cheerful compact cars, so no vehicle is a problem when it comes to tinting.

Product Range

Car Tinting
Home Tinting Film
Car Accessories
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